The year of Travel…2017

I’ve been seeing in several blogs and people I follow in various social media accounts talking about...the year of...

Beauty vlogger Zoella talked about The year of Self love, Kayla Itsines talked about the year of body confidence and even though I love both premises and hopefully I will follow them I want to make 2017 The year of Travel.

Travel can be expensive I know, but I want to force myself out of this house, even if its taking the train or subway and seeing what’s at the end of the line, making a day trip to another town close by, I want to stop saying Im going to do it and actually DO IT!

So far so good, le family and le boyfriend have a weekend trip planned to Prague in the next couple of days, a Barcelona girl trip/birthday bash in two month and I have a surprise (not really) trip for le boyfriend’s birthday too.

I’m not a New Years resolutions kind of girl but this…this I want to do. What kind of year do you expect 2017 to be? Are you a resolutions kind of person?

Written by julesinabox