Sun & Paellas in Palma

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve been trying out their new ‘story’ option and posting a s##tload of photos and videos from our weekend trip to Palma. So without rambling too much I’d though I’d give you a bit of backstory.


Last week Le Boyfriend’s father celebrated his birthday and since he’s been living in Spain for a couple of years now, we thought we’d fly to Palma de Mallorca for the weekend and make it a weekend celebration. So we packed our swimsuit and jandals and took a plane to escape the chilli weather of Berlin.

Even though we caught the (only) thunderstorm of the year, we managed to get some sun and enjoy the island in full. We walked the historic city centre and on Saturday we caught a boat that went through different ‘Calas’ and watched through a see-through bottom how they feed the fish.




But let’s be real, if there’s something spaniards are known their food. Mallorca is known specially for two things: Pan am Oli and Enzaimada. The first one is more of a rite, you have the bread, the rubbing of garlic, the brushing of the tomato, the salt and olive oil. And the second one is so good that the airport had to issue an order setting a maximum amount of enzaimadas someone can carry on a plane given the amount tourist were taking home, so you can imagine how delicious this pastry is.





So after stuffing ourselves with three different types of paellas, relishing on wine and sangria and getting a bit of sun while snorkelling with the fishes, we had to say  ‘sta logo (good bye) and get back to chilli Berlin. I hope Le Dad in Law had a great time because we sure did, and as soon as we get a good offer we will be back for more.

Written by julesinabox