Postcards from Zurich [Part 2]

This is part two of our 48hs in Zurich, part 1 can be found here.

We got up quite early the next morning and walked to a cafe close by for some brekkie. I love the fact that the cafe was in front of a park, it made it 10 times more relaxing. Le boyfriend went for a basket with different breads, brioches and croissant with spreads and I chose some Greek yogurt with some seasonal fruit, muesli, and honey, both accompanied with some cappuccinos. Turns out… I hate Greek yogurt, I don’t know what it was, but something felt wrong about it. Lucky for me, Le boyfriend loved it, so we ended up switching breakfasts. (He loved it so much, he now has that for breakfast everyday… go figure.)

We then went back to our Airbnb to prepare for the day, we stopped at a supermarket before and made ourselves a MASSIVE sandwich (it is known that prices in Zurich are a little bit more elevated, and given our plans for that day we decided to make ourselves some pack lunches) So we stuffed a loaf of brioche bread with every single piece of charcuterie le boyfriend could find and made our way to the Haupbahnoff.
From there a 20min ride by train and a 10 min hike (but more of a walk really) took us to the top of the Uetliberg, the mountain next to city. From there you can appreciate the amazing panoramic view of the city and the Zurich lake. The view was absolutely breathtaking, you can truly see the whole landscape, even though the weather was not on our side. On the top you can find a restaurant and a viewing tower if you want to keep going up, but if you don’t want to is not even necessary. We took a couple of photos and sat down in one of the many picnic tables close by to have our lunch.

Afterward we made our way to the District 5, more specifically to Frau Gerolds Garten, a little spot of green in the middle of an industrial area, the whole bier garden is constructed with metal containers and surrounded by plants, herbs, and design stores. Close by, there’s a little alley close to the Gerold Chuchi Restaurant where 50 colorful umbrellas ‘float’ throughout the hall. We absolutely loved this bit of green in such a gray industrial area.

The cold got the best of us, so we went back to the apartment where we relaxed with some coffees and chocolate, until the night. One of le Boyfriend’s colleague gave him a list of places he recommended in the city, so that night we decided to try out a ramen place close to our apartment called MIKI ramen, it was honestly really good, and the prices were not as expensive as most of Zurich, we finished our night with some cocktails at Raygrodski bar down the street. Word of advice there…it gets really busy…really fast, so be patient. The staff is quite friendly though.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little summary of our 48hs in Zurich.
Until next time.- Jules

Written by julesinabox