Postcards from Wellington


You never went to Wellington?! 3 years here and never spent a day there?!
I’ve heard it all before, how come I never went there, or travel as much, that I was missing out on the Te Papa Museum and Cuba Street and so on and so on.

The timing was never right I have to admit, I’ve plan it before but it was defused last minute. Luckily I was forced to fly there to sort out my passport and decided to make the most out it, I asked le boyfriend to take the day off and we got plane tickets from really early in the morning till late at night.

This means that we woke up at 4am to take the 6am flight to Welly and got back home around 11pm, we were shattered but we made a little list of all the places we wanted to tick off our list and we organized our day to make the most of it. So we took care of all the boring passport stuff first and then had the day for ourselves.

As the saying goes A picture is worth a thousand words so keep scrolling for a selection of my bests pics for the day.


Written by julesinabox