Postcards from Düsseldorf

Last month one of our New Zealand friends (Mr S) had to fly to Düsseldorf for work, so we decided to fly out there and spend the weekend catching up. We hadn’t seen each other for over half a year so we spent more time chilling and talking than touring around the city, but what we saw, we loved. Every time we asked someone, what’s Düsseldorf like? They would always answer with: Oh Düsseldorf is super dull/there’s nothing really there/there’s not much to do… Well, colour me surprised when we stumbled across Düsseldorf craziest street, full of bars and restaurants blasting music, people on the streets and the weirdest 90’s pop inspired Oktoberfest tent.

It was so nice catching up with Mr S, telling us all about the little one and the teeny one on the way, having coffees by the canals and feeding geese, walking through an amazing food market and listening to live music on the street. I have to say I completely disagree with everything everyone said, Düsseldorf was great!


Written by julesinabox