Postcards from Barcelona

I always felt like I owed myself (and le boyfriend) another trip to Barcelona, given than the last one was literally a blur given my drunken state. So, I guess I overcompensated by travelling back to Barcelona 3 times in two months.

We didn’t stay a lot each time, but it was enough to get a quick grasp of the city (and this time I stayed far away from cocktails.) We also followed some of your suggestions on Facebook.

Barcelona Quick Guide

Don’t miss:

  • Mercado La Boqueria. Yes, it will be filled with tourists, but you will find everything, from fresh Spanish ham and seafood, to fruit juices and ‘chuches’ (sweets)
  • Montjuic Castle: Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday around 9pm, there’s a choreographed water show on the Montjuic fountains. And if you get there any other day, the top of the Montjuic still offers one of the best views of the city.

Look up:

  • There are countless details, signs, and architectural wonders around the city.

Food and Drink:

  • Tapas and Sangria. When in Spain you should never pass on a good sangria pitcher and some yummy tapas…. that you can find…everywhere.

Long way-big pay:

  • Park Güell. It’s a bit away from the city center and other ‘attractions’ so you best plan for it. You should book your tickets online to make sure you’ll get in. Best sundown spot in the city.
Written by julesinabox