Postcards from Andorra

A couple of months ago (and after excessive nagging) Le Boyfriend and I had a weekend trip. I had promised him that I would take him skiing so his birthday was a good opportunity to make this happen.

There is no airport in Andorra, so the best ways to get there is either by taking a plane to Barcelona, or another one to Toulouse. Then a quick car ride will take you there. We decided to book an Airbnb close to El Tarter, which is one of the ski routes. We decided on this one because it had a fair amount of Super Beginner and Beginner tracks, and after a year of not doing anything it was a good way to get back on track (no pun intended)

We had some amazing days, with the sun shining and snowy mountains, unfortunately, Le Boyfriend got super sick and we had to cancel some of our skiing days, but that didn’t mean we had to stay home. As much as we could, we visited the town, had some Après ski cocktails and indulged on Spanish and French cuisine.

When the cold times roll again we are most likely to go back. If not, where would you recommend for a ski/snowboard trip?
Until next time.- Jules

Written by julesinabox