March & April

I know, I know…. I was late with a couple of videos. I was super busy these last couple of months (you’ll see why later) so I’ve decided to combine a couple of videos in one post.

March was a super short month for me, nothing super excited happened, and we were so busy with errands and stuff that I couldn’t film much. I did walk around Berlin a lot this month and we began our Thursday girls night. I used this short time to finish my Alice in Wonderland canvas and Le Boyfriend and I met up with Mr.G for some Indian food and Cuban music. (To be quite fair the three of us sort of created the Sunday’s junk food and movies, so we saw a lot of each other)

April was also a very busy month, but it was our anniversary month, so we kicked off April with a weekend trip to Zurich. We walked a lot, ate a lot of cheese and drank a lot of wine. If you ask me it was a pretty decent weekend. I spent the rest of the month running from one place to the other (like I said you’ll see why soon) and we ended the month with a quick one day trip to Hamburg with Mr.G. (it was meant to be a whole weekend but we were late to book an apartment so we had to change our trip to a quick day through the city)

Anyways I promise I will soon upload May, I’ll tell all about what’s going on and hopefully, I won’t be as late with the rest of the PMSs.
Until next time.- Jules

Written by julesinabox