Cape Reinga: roadtrip to the far north

_DSC0349This year I’ve been trying to tackle as much of my New Zealand bucket list as possible, and even though I still have much to do I’m happy of all the things I did this year. One of them, was finally making that Roadtrip to Cape Reinga.


Ever since we got to this country Mr.F and Miss T became our roadtrip buddies. No only roadtrip buddies but I think we pretty much owe them every bit we know of New Zealand, with our trip to Northland, Taupo, Coromandel. Anyways, for labour weekend ‘The Crew’ decided to go on a roadtrip to the far north, booking a batch at Coopers Beach in Mangonui were we were later joined by Mr.T, Miss M and the little one.


After a rainy night of chatting and puzzles. We woke up to the most amazing day and the sound of the waves, our room had a little balcony that had the most amazing view of the beach and as we woke up, we started gathering in the living room for some breakfast while the guys watched the rugby match. After it finished, we packed a quick bag and got on our way to the top of the island.



We decided that the best way to go was driving all the way to Cape Reinga, just stopping if we saw something interesting and then stop on the way back at the sand dunes and the 90mile beach.
I’ve always love the fact that if you go up any mountain in New Zealand, chances are you are going to find a breathtaking view…no matter were you are, but I believe the view from CR is by far one of the most amazing ones I saw.


According to the Maori Mythology Reigna means underworld and it’s believed that the cape is the point were the spirits of the dead enter the underworld by climbing the roots of a 800 year old pohutakawa tree. Also the cape is considered the place were the Tasman and the Pacific sea meet (the female sea and male sea, in maori culture), which, when the sea is calm, can be clearly seen by a difference in the colour of the waters.



A few years ago the road towards the lighthouse at the end of the island was constructed, so now there is a nice road were you can walk to get to that point. And it is filled with the most amazing views of the ocean and the surrounding beaches. The walk from the parking lot to the lighthouse is of about probably 10 t0 15 minutes depending on how much you’d like to stop and enjoy the view.


Every more so I’ve started to love this little roadtrips, I mean in just a weekend you can travel through so much of New Zealand and go to these amazing places. I think that’s one of the things that I’m going to miss the most about this place, the fact that everywhere you go, you are stunned about what you see.

If you’d had to choose, where in the world would you go?



Written by julesinabox