Anniversary trip – Vienna (part 1)

_DSC0593Not long ago, le boyfriend and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. And to celebrate we decided to go on a weekend trip to Vienna. What’s great about Europe is that, not only we planned it within two day, but on Friday I picked le boyfriend up from work, we hopped on an Uber towards the airport, and an hour later we were on a different country.

We arrived to our hotel rather late at night, so after leaving our bags in the room and freshening up, we decided to get some drinks on the hotel bar and call it a night.


The next day we woke up early to an amazing view of the city. Even though it was a rainy weekend, our hotel room had a panoramic view that, not only gave us a great 180 view of the city but it faced the Belvedere Palace. So after our morning coffee fix, we thought we’d start there.


The Schloss Belvedere is an antique building complex from 1725 and it’s home to known expressionist and impressionist painting including Klimt’s famous ‘The Kiss’. We decided to go just to the Upper Belvedere which cost us 14 Euros a ticket, but they offer conjunct tickets to visit the Upper & Lower Belvedere and the Winter Palace for 26 Euros as well.



The palace is in great conditions and covers a vast amount of artwork, including a series of marbles heads that served as a study on facial expressions which is just great. There is only one thing that worried me, when we approached Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’, besides the expected amount of crowded people I saw a little sign that said ‘Selfie Point’ which leads to a room with a photographic replica of the painting, a bit bigger in size to… as the room said, take a photo (selfie) of it.


[I understand that it is not allowed to take photos of the artwork (except in a few places) but, is this were we got to? Having to create a random space for people to take a selfie, with…not even the real thing? People spent more time there than actually looking at the real painting. What happened to enjoying art for what it is, gazing at something instead of crowding and crushing each other to take a photo of ourselves, just to prove we were there.]





We continued our walk through the Palace, had a bite to eat and continued our way through the city, we visited the arms museum and the … and by the afternoon we were already super tired of walking and a bit peckish so, by Le Mothers recommendation we stopped at Demel Bakery for some hot chocolate and a slice of the famous Sacher Torte, which was the princesses’ favourite cake.

12724947_1724577801114517_1512887530_nAfter regaining our strengths we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our anniversary dinner, were we had a great time, with great food and smelly cheese. (Too smelly maybe, the couple next to us stared at us with a ‘you just killed us all’ look in their eyes) and after walking the city at night we walked back to the hotel for some drinks and to get ready for the next day.


Written by julesinabox