8hs in Hamburg

Originally, this was meant to be a 72hs in Hamburg, but after a series of mishaps, we had to shorten our trip to only 8hs. Nonetheless, we had a great time and it was still worth sharing.

8hs in Hamburg


We began our trip in Berlin, taking the morning train from the Haupbahnhof, we grabbed some coffees to go, some croissants and Mandelkuchen and we waited for the train. Normally a smooth ride through the countryside will take you to the center of Hamburg in between 1.5 to 3 hours (it depends on which train you take) You might be able to sight some windmills and small villages on the way. [Pro-tip: Check online if there are any football matches in the area or from the city you are traveling from, we had very bad luck having the entire Berlin Herta B.C. fans in our train, at first the chanting was funny, but after everyone got drunk around 9 am, and started smashing bottles on the ground, smoking inside the train and pressing the emergency button twice…it stopped being funny and started to become tedious.]

  • Stroll through the Altstadt. The train should arrive at the Hamburg Haupbahnhof station, from there take a walk through Mönckebergstraße down to the Altstadt.  You can start to the get a grasp of the city by walking through this little street that’s filled with thousands of shops on each side. You will soon find yourself walking next to the to Saint Peter’s church and arriving at the Rathausmarkt. Take a look at the Town Hall architecture, in front of it you will find the ‘Denkmal für die Gefallenen beider Weltkriege’ a monument for the dead on World War I,  grab a quick coffee on one of the stalls in the square and make your way to the Asterarkaden across the canal for some high street window shopping (or real shopping if you are in need of some retail therapy)
  • St. Nicholas Church. From 1874 to 1876 this Lutheran church was the tallest building in the world (and today it still the second tallest in Hamburg.) During WWII the allied forces bombed the church leaving it severely damaged. Actually, there is a project by the people of Hamburg to reconstruct the church and an elevator was added to its tower that now takes visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

  • Have an Astra beer on the Hafencity. The Astra beer is the official beer from Hamburg and they are pretty damn proud of it. Take a sit in the steps in front of the Elbphilharmonie and have a drink while appreciating its curvy façade and the warehouse buildings around it.

  • Visit 5 countries in under an hour. If you are a railway fan, this is the place for you, the miniature wonderland train model exhibition is ever-growing with several miniature sections of towns and cities around the world. It’s Hamburg fan favorite attraction and I can see why. Until last year there were over 700000 hours used to remodel and construct this exhibition and it’s said that unfortunately over 1300 figurines were kidnapped in the process.

    Via: Radio Museum

  • Discover the Residential Hamburg. Away from the warehouse buildings and the harbor, there is a whole side of Hamburg filled with parks and trees and lakes. The Eimsbuttel district is quickly becoming the next trendy neighborhood. You can stop for a quick bite, maybe set up a picnic close to the lake.
  • The Reeperbahn. Also known as the Red light district at St. Pauli, the Reeperbahn is known for initiating the Beatles international career in the 60’s, you will find the Kaiserkeller and the Indra Club that were the two most regular places the Fab Four played gigs in. Also, as the red light district, it’s filled with night clubs, strip clubs, and party people, if you are at all interested in visiting it would be worth mentioning to leave it until the end of the day when the sun starts to go down (most places aren’t opened until the evening.)

    via: The travel masters

After our fast paced visit to Hamburg, we took the train back to Berlin for a well-deserved rest. I know there were several things that we were left to do, like the fish market or relaxing at the Strand Pauli, but as a first glance of the city, I believe we were able to visit a good amount of places. Until next time.- Jules


Written by julesinabox