24hs in Prague

5 am… we didn’t sleep much, but that ok, something exciting lies ahead. The alarms go off, we fight for the bathroom to get ready, I take our passports..’ do we need our passports?, .. I don’t know take them anyway’, grab our bags and squeeze in the tiny elevator. Two subway rides and we are in the station, waiting. Half asleep, half excited we get on the train… 4 hours, several little towns and a lot of snowy field later, we are in Prague.

24hs in Prague

Our first impression was that Prague was not a huge city, so you can walk pretty much every where. We travelled by train to Prague’s main station. From there, an easy subway ride will take you to the Old Town Square. “Everything you have to see” is a walk distance and if you get lost (and we did) almost every road leads back to the Old town square. Lucky for us, our apartment was also pretty close to the main square as well.

Half Day 1 (Because We got there around midday, this 24 hours will be half a day and half a day.)

After we left our bags at the apartment, we went to the Old town square. We were lucky that the Christmas Markets were still up, so we had a quick sausage and hot wine while we walked around it.

  • The Astronomical Clock. Every hour and depending on the season, a bunch of people will squeeze one in front of the other to see and hear the clock make a new hour. The clock itself is gorgeous but I wouldn’t waste you time waiting for it, unless you are already at the old square.
  • Trdelnik. This sweet cinnamony cylinder of goodness can be found pretty much everywhere. Just search for any stall while walking and either have a classic cinnamon one or if you are feeling brave, a nutella stuffed one and make your way to  Charles Bridge.

  • Charles Bridge. If you have time, or you get to Prague early, I would hit the bridge either really early in the morning or pretty late at night. The famous Prague Bridge can be flooded with people, buskers and messy tour groups, but on any of those hours you can appreciate Prague’s landscape, the castle, and you might catch a cheeky sunrise.

  • Prague’s Castle. Since we hadn’t enough time, we decided not to get ticket to any of the places inside the castle quarter, but still we did wander through it. So it’s really up to you. But if you do, at the end of it you can find some of the best views of the city.

  • Absinth. After dinner, Le Boyfriend, Le Sister and I went to a little Absinth Bar close to our Apartment. You will find heaps of these bars but we really like the Absintherie on the U Radnice Street. It’s known today that this drink does not cause hallucinations, we talked with our bartender and we shared two different version of this drink. One where a sugar cube is set of fire with the absinthe and it’s served hot, and the classic cold version that come with a big canister that drops water into the sugar cube to dissolve it.

Half Day 2

  • Coffee and Croissants. We decided to check out the Coffee Lovers/Cafe Milani close to the Old Town Square for Breakfast, all of us agreed it was one of the best coffees we had/
  • Get lost in the city (Jewish Quarter) We decided to take the morning and get lost in the city, we walked through the Old Jewish Quarter and around the Town Square again, getting in a couple of churches.

  • Gulash and Potato Soup. The Czech Republic is known for these hearty dishes and specially in winter they are life savers. Most potato soups are served inside a sourdough bread with carrots and sometime mushrooms. Definitely a pick me up after a day of walking.

An hour before catching our next train we stopped for another coffee at Cafe Milani and we decided to buy some sandwiches as well to take with us on the train. We picked up our bags from the apartment and took the next subway back to Prague’s main train station.


Written by julesinabox