Mauerpark flea market

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Some say the heart of Berlin can be found in the Brandenburg gate, some that is on any of its parks, while others say its in the bars on Warschauer Str. And even thought I believe the heart of Berlin is in its people, not it’s places, I also believe the closest to its heart is the flea market on the Mauerpark.

Every Sunday on spring and summer, this Park/BerlinWallMonument/HipNeighborhood transforms into the house of countless buskers, designers and treasure hunters. It overflows with people walking through the market, lying down listening to music or simply enjoying a beer and a wurst.

The Mauerpark can be divided into three:

  1. The Biergarter / Food Stalls Area: On the front left side of the park, you will find a bier garden will some typical German beers and snacks and then again down the middle and back of the market a large area of the markets is filled with food stalls, everything from curry wurst and fries, to Mexican tacos, to hamburgers, Korean rice bowls and Brazilian juices, most of them are there every weekend but some of change regularly.
  2. The Flea Market: The whole left side of the park is dedicated to the flea market. Artists and creatives concentrate on countless stalls to showcase illustrations, jewelry, bags and clothes. [ some sell these items that you feel like you saw them before….because you probably did, but there are some true artists there as well.] Besides the stalls, there is a large part of the market dedicated to old/vintage furniture, lamps, photographs, books, war memorabilia, even cutlery. There is a lot of junk, but if you have the time there are a lot of gems waiting to be found.

    Via: Thrifty Amos

    [Buying bikes at the Mauerpark: Bikes are Berliners favorite transport method and as such there is a huge second-hand market options around the city…and as such…there is also a huge second-hand ‘stolen’ black market, just be mindful of who you buy it from. Always ask for a receipt that will help you prove your purchase, this way you can later register your bike (this will help if yours get stolen or you get stopped by the police at any time) and you know, if you do buy it….always lock it.]

  3. The park/ buskers section: And of course, the rest of the park is dedicated to that…being a park. People usually either get some food inside or bring something from home and sit down for some picnics or some beers. Usually there are artists and singers around playing music, sometime there are events and down the back there is a concrete area with stairs that usually serves as an open air public karaoke area. Suffice to say, most of the times it pretty fun.

Anyway, if you are in the area around Spring or Summer (or check might be up), I recommend you visit it. At least walk around it a couple of times to understand what im saying. And let me know what you thought of it! Until next time.-

Written by julesinabox