Weekend Oatmeal Cookies

_DSC0857Last Saturday, I got a massive craving for something ‘sweet’ and as expected when these things happen, my kitchen was completely empty. (Of course there was probably some fruit, but we all know that was not what I was looking for)

Then I remember when I was about maybe 13, 14 when my grandma made us try some oatmeal cookies she’d bake, as expected my sister and I were a bit reluctant since ‘oatmeal is for old people’ (I still stand by that haha) but given that there was no arguing with grandma, we tried them anyway and they instantly became a family favourite.


We would bake batches and batches that would last merely a few days,since my sister and I would sneak into the kitchen to get some more, only to find our father snacking on them after work.


After those memories hit me like a train (it does happen when one lives that far home, weird, unexpected memories will come to you at any moment) I decided to bake a batch, for old times sake…like grandma use to make.


I searched a bit online since I couldn’t remember exactly what I needed, but the recipe basically just calls for, rolled oats, butter, brown and white sugar, one or two eggs, flour, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract and some baking powder. All mixed together, placed into a tray and baked for about 12 minutes at 180C. DONE

They were not my grandma’s, but they very pretty damned close. And as expected they just lasted two days.- What did you guys do this weekend?



Written by julesinabox