Sagardi [Spanish Tapas in the Heart of Buenos Aires]

WP_20141024_20_23_07_RawYou know when you suddenly have a memory of an amazing dish or meal jump into your head but you can’t exactly remember what it was? (no? just me?) I believe food bloggers don’t have this issue, not only Im positive they will remember but….they have photos to prove it.


I’ve been picking my brain for a specific dish and then I remembered….of course..I have photos! Last October, le boyfriend and I spend two weeks in Argentina, and since the moment we arrived, my dad talked non stop about this place in San Telmo were he had to take us.


So, as expected, during our last week in Buenos Aires, we jumped in the car and drove to Sagardi, a tapas and Basque food restaurant set in San Telmo.



The thing about tapas, is that you don’t know when to stop, you get drawn into this gorgeous, tasty looking food and you put one in your plate, and the another, and then another, and then you are left with three thousand toothpicks in your table and a massive check haha I have you admit though, my father was right, the food was delicious and the place looked incredible (I still dream about a wine cellar like that one)

What’s your though on tapas? See you next time. Jules.-

Written by julesinabox