Pasta la Vista Baby

I’m half italian – half spanish, Le Boyfriend is half italian, quarter french and quarter spanish, Europe is in our blood, but mostly Italy, and what is Italy known for… Pasta.


Last week skyping with Le Mother I remembered being 6 or 7 and seeing Le Mom host a Pasta party for my grandmothers birthday, with heaps of sauces and batches of fresh pasta. And I remembered my aunts, mother and grandmother stretching and cutting the dough with a gigantic pasta maker (or at least that how big I remember it) The weekend of the Queen’s birthday (Sale time) I bought a pasta maker, not because I’m a fantastic chef but because it looked cute, was cheap and I though it might look really well in the kitchen. But since I had it I thought I might as well try it out.

The recipe for pasta is so easy and it needs so little ingredients that I invite you all to try it out this weekend. The key to great pasta is letting it dry well before cooking it and you don’t really need a pasta machine to do it, just a strong arm, a good rolling pin and a knife.


For the Pasta Dough
3 Cups of Flour
4 Eggs
A pinch of Salt

For the Sauce
Tomato Puree or Sauce
1/2 cup finely chopped onions
Basil leaves (whole or chopped)



  1. Place the flour on a bowl. Make a well in the centre, add salt and crack the eggs into it.
  2. Slowly mix together with a wooden spoon or your hands and start kneading until dough becomes smooth and pliable (it will take about 10 minutes)
  3. Wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest for at least half an hour before you use it
  4. Cut the dough into 4 pieces, and roll every of them out on a floured surface as thinly as you desire (here is were you can use the pasta maker or just a rolling pin)
  5. Then proceed to cut the pasta sheet according to the recipe you intend to prepare. (once again you can use the different knifes of the machine or cut them with a knife, 1 mm for spaghetti, 1 cm for fettuccine, 3 cm for parpadelle.) Repeat the process with remaining dough
  6. Let the noodles dry until they look like the on you would buy from the store
  7. Cook the pasta in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, and strain immediately

For the Sauce
– Sauteed the onions and meatballs in a sauce pan until browned and cooked on the inside, add in the tomato sauce, salt, pepper and basil leaves until the sauce get warm enough.
– Add strained past into the sauce pan, mix in the sauce until blended over the noodles and serve.

Mid-preparation, the machine died on me (remember the part were I said it was cheap) so I called Ser Lancelot Le Boyfriend to help me fix it, after disabling a few parts and a playing around with a toothpick the machine was working again and  he got his turn with the Pasta Maker. As always he ended up stretching and cutting the whole batch so brace yourself…. this is the part were I name you and thank you for helping me cook…again.


As I said before, the key for making great pasta is letting it dry, so find what ever you can find to hang the noodles after cutting them and let them dry. I didn’t thought of this when I started cooking so I improvised and ended up using a wooden wine rack… it did work though.


our-growing-edge-badgeThis post is part of Our Growing Edge, a monthly blogging event to encourage us to try new food related things. Phuong from My Kitchen of Love is the host for this month’s event. If you have a blog and you are eating or cooking something new this month, just click on Phuong Blog and follow the instructions.

Hope you like this post and I encourage you somehow to do some homemade pasta. The great thing about this is that you can had any veggie to the dough to make different noodles, like spinach, pumpkin or beet puree, maybe some squid ink and create a whole spaghetti rainbow. Until next time. Jules.-


[Spanish Version}

Soy mitad italiana – mitad española, Le novio es mitad italiano, un cuarto francés y un cuarto español, Europa está en nuestra sangre, pero sobre todo Italia, y por que se conoce a Italia… por la Pasta.

La semana pasada skypeando con Le Madre me acordé de tener 6 o 7 años y ver a Le madre organizar una Pasta party para el cumpleaños de mi abuela, con un montón de salsas y tachos de pasta fresca. Y empecé a acordarme de mi tías, madre y abuela haciendo pasta casera, usando la “pasta linda” para estirar y cortar la masa. El fin de semana del cumpleaños de la Reina me compré una máquina de pasta (pasta linda), no porque yo sea una fantástica chef, sino porque se veía linda, era barata y pensé que se iba a ver bien en la cocina. Pero ya que la tenia ahi “tirada” pensé que bien podría probarla.

La receta para pasta es tan fácil y se necesitan tan pocos ingredientes que los invito a todos a probarlo este fin de semana. La clave de la gran pasta es dejar que los fideos se sequen bien antes de cocinarlos y realmente no se necesita una máquina de pasta para hacerlo, sólo un brazo fuerte, un buen palo de amasar y un cuchillo.

En el medio de la preparación, la máquina se me murió (?se acuerdan la parte donde dije que era barata?) así que llamé a Ser Lancelot Le novio para que me ayude a arreglarla, después de desarmar algunas partes y un jugar con un palito de dientes, la máquina empezó a funcionar de nuevo y La Novio obtuvo su turno con la máquina. Como siempre, el terminó estirando y cortando toda la masa por lo que prepárate …. esta es la parte en la te nombro y te doy las gracias por ayudarme a cocinar… otra vez.

Como dije antes, la clave para una buena pasta es dejar que se seque, busquen algo donde puedan colgar los fideos una vez que los cortan para que se aireen y se sequen. No pensé en eso cuando empecé a cocinar, así que improvisé y terminé usando una mini vinoteca de madera que tenia por ahi, y les digo… funciono bastante bien.

Este post es parte de Our Growing Edge, un evento mensual de blogs para animarnos a probar nuevas cosas relacionadas con los alimentos. Phuong de My Kitchen of Love es el anfitrión del evento de este mes. Si tienen un blog y que está comiendo o cocinando algo nuevo este mes, haga clic en el Blog de Phuong y sigan las instrucciones.

Espero que les guste este post y me animo alguna manera de hacer un poco de pasta casera. Lo bueno de esto es que puedes tenido ningún vegetal a la masa para hacer diferentes fideos, como la espinaca, calabaza o puré de remolacha, tal vez un poco de tinta de calamar y crear todo un arco iris de espaguetis. Hasta la próxima. Jules. –

Written by julesinabox