Lemon Meringue Pie


I’m writing this from my bed, with long PJs on, a long sleeve shirt, a cardigan and with my fox slippers by the side of my bed, which can only mean one thing….autumn is here and with it, cold and rainy days in grey Berlin.

To fight the cold weather you could expect me to bake up something warm, something spicy and decadent, pair it up with coffee or tea and snuggle up under a comfy blanket. Well no, I refuse to give in to Fall and I decided to bake a cake that reminds me of summer, of birthday parties and easily my favourite cake of all time: A Lemon Meringue Pie (Simply called Lemon Pie in Argentina)

I invited a few friends for tea, so the pressure is on, a  buttery crust, zesty lemon curd filling and topped with a sweet italian meringue, who hard could it be?….well will find out since its the first time I’m making it.

I used Mary Berry’s Lemon Meringue Pie recipe this time, that you can find here, I’ve been obsessing with The Great British Bake Off lately so I had to try one of their recipes. I think next time I will use less lemons since my lemon curd turned out a bit too sour. I know is not the prettiest pie but it was my first try, we’ll see next time how it turns out.


Written by julesinabox