Epic Oreo Chocolate cake

DSC_0058I’ve been an avid user of Bloglovin for quite a while know, I love the fact that I have everything in one place and its a great way of finding new blogs and interesting articles. Most of these ones are of course recipe articles.

The other day I stumble upon the most epic looking chocolate cake, it was a vegan chocolate cake, which meant that there is was no animal products used in it (such as eggs) To be 100% honest that’s not a deal breaker for me, Im not a vegan, gluten free, sugar free, x free person. Im fortunate to not have any massive allergies or strong views about certain foods. (Like Samantha from Sex and the city would say, Im a Trysexual Tryfoodie: I’ll try everything once… hahaha)

I though I’d give it a go, so when we were invited to Mr.F and Miss T house for a fathers day epic Spanish Paella, I though I’d stay on theme and make an epic dessert. Unfortunately I ran out of time and couldn’t follow the recipe, so I had to resort to the old but good ‘cake in a box’ haha I will link the original blog post with the recipe for the ones that can actually try the recipe and if you do I’d love to see how it turned out (please link it below) but for know I’ll just share how to ‘epic’ a chocolate cake.

While your chocolate sponge is cooling down, wash and chop some strawberries and crumble some oreos in a bowl. Then in a separate bowl, whip up some double cream with sugar until ‘soft peaks’ are formed or your cream is ready. Fold in a bit of oreo crumbles and, with a spatula or big spoon, spread the whipped cream on the top of the sponge. The amount you use is up to you but I’d though a big, fluffy top would make for an epic reveal. And finally top the cake with the rest of the oreo crumbles and chopped strawberries.

Now, doesn’t that look amazing? and it’s quite easy to make, you could mix things up and slice the cake through the middle and fill it with some cream and strawberries or with some caramel. You could change the chocolate sponge mix and change it for a brownie mix for a more rich flavour…the options are endless!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tip, for the original vegan chocolate cake and recipe click here, and if you try it out, please link it below!

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Written by julesinabox