DIY Sundays and Homemade Medialunas


If there’s something we loved about New Zealand and definitely brought with us to Germany….is DIY Sundays. Actually they make so much sense here, Sunday’s are a bit of a drag in Berlin, everything is closed except for a couple of cafes or restaurants, which means you have to jam pack your weekend into Saturday. So DIY Sunday’s are actually a great way to keep yourself busy.

Le boyfriend and I love interior design and every time we move house we like to match the house to its own style. Le Boyfriend’s Argentinian apartment was Modern, New Zealand was Industrial and Berlin in more Scandinavian, of course here are things that move from one house to the next but the main style is different.

Last Sunday, we decided to spend the day finishing a couple of bits and pieces around the house. We finally got around building our bed, painting some decorative pillows, coating the last part of the dining room table and we decided to re purpose a stool we had by painting the legs and making it a side table for out internet router and tech bits.


I am a firm believer that hard work should be awarded with good food, and given that I was feeling a bit nostalgic about home I decided to bake some Argentinian medialunas. For those who don’t know Argentinan Medialunas are pretty similar to French Croissants, except they are usually a bit smaller, they are sweet and (sometimes) are covered with sugar syrup. They come in two varieties, butter medialunas which are the ones I described before and lard medialunas, which are made of lard instead of butter they are a bit savoury are usually are thinner and longer.

I thought they would be quite easy to make, I had not idea what was in store for me. Two days later and a couple of burnt fingers but I finally was able to bake a batch worthy of of a Sunday brunch. If you are keen to try it, I use the recipe from this website. (Sorry it’s in spanish)




Written by julesinabox