3 Ingredients Coquitos (Gluten Free)


If you are in Berlin at the moment you’d know that we’ve experienced some rather cold and rainy couple days, adding to the fact that I haven’t been feeling well, I was in need of some comfort food.

These treats can be found pretty much in every Argentinian bakery, some plain, some dipped in chocolate… I’ve even found caramel filled coquitos! (coc.e.tos) They are not only super easy to make, but you only need 3 ingredients.

So if you are in need of some sweet tea time treats and have 20 minutes to spare…this recipe is for you. Plus check the end for some extra tips.

You’ll need:

200gr Shredded coconut
200gr White Sugar
2 Eggs

Optional: 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla extract

1. Preheat the oven to 180C. Lay some parchment paper on a flat tray
2. Beat the two egg, add sugar, coconut and combine (at this point you can add the vanilla for an extra bit of sweetness)
3. The mixture should be a bit sticky and depending on your preference, there are 3 ways of setting these to cook.

  • You can pour the mixture into a piping bag with a star tip and lay small, cone shape blobs in the baking tray (they might rise a bit so don’t lay them too close to each other)
  • With the help of a small ice cream scoop, scoop small balls of the mixture and lay them on the tray.
  • With wet hands (that way you avoid the sticky mess – or cooking gloves) grab small pieces of the mixture and shape them to your liking (cones or balls) and set them in a tray
  1. Put them in the oven for 10 minutes, they should be slightly brown but chewy on the inside.


And that’s it! I made around 30 or more of these little treats with this recipe and it fixed my sweet tooth of the day (and week probably) If you try them let me know, tag me, send me a link, you know the drill….


How to take the Coquitos to the next level:
The options are endless…but…after they are cooked and have cooled down if you dip the base of the coquitos in chocolate you are in for a special treat.
Or, you can use the same mix to create a gluten free base for a pie, just follow the instructions, lay the mixture in a pie tray and bake for 10 minutes. After it cooled down, you can fill it with a layer of caramel and a layer of chocolate ganache. Pop it in the fridge for the chocolate to harden and you’ll be left with a Coquitos cake and surely will be a success.


Written by julesinabox