Wines at Waiheke


Ever since I got to New Zealand there’s been one thing I wanted to do, drink wine at Waiheke Island. I have to admit, I was a bit ‘Intense’ about this, I tried to convince le boyfriend every weekend to do it and talked about it non-stop in the office. So much so, that after I left my job (and as a bit of a bday celebration), the girls took me on a girls date to the island.

DSC_0429I woke up, got ‘my face on’, put on a dress, the heels and my hat and walked to the ferry building where I met the girls. We took the ferry to Waiheke and talked about the plans for the rest of the weekend, a bit of a gossip session and overall random things. After 45 minutes (which seemed only 5) we arrived on the island.


We took a cab and began our wine-date at the Mudbrick Winery. I don’t know if it was so or my love of it got in the way, but the island has the most amazing views of the city, the sun was up, the sea was bright blue and behind the green hills you could see, far away the sky tower and the city.


IMG_20160117_141829We shared a platter of yummy things and continued talking through a bottle of pinot gris, I received a lovely gift from the girls for my upcoming trip which I promise, will be put to a good use.


Afterwards we took our things and walked downhills to our next stop, the Cable Bay vineyard, were I heard they had the most amazing Rosé. We sited on the beanbags outside while we waited for our table on the veranda. The place was absolutely packed, but we were quickly sited and continued our day with the ‘so acclaimed Rosé wine’.



I had a blast, the island was amazing and I just wish I’d went sooner and visited the beaches and the rest of the town.


Written by julesinabox