Top 5 Best places to have a date in Auckland

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, last Sunday was Valentines Day. Le Boyfriend decided to go on a boys trip to Miami and my sisters’ boyfriend was stuck with finals so we spent valentines the best way we know: binging sweets and TV shows.

If you are like me, you’d think that ‘love’ should be celebrated everyday and there is always a good excuse to dust off your shoes and go on a date with your SO, sister or friends. So without any specific order, I made a wee list of my 5 favourite places to go out in Auckland. Here we go…

Top 5 places to have a date in Auckland

  1. Indochine Kitchen
    With tons of fairy lights and eclectic light bulbs on the ceiling this is the closest thing to a starry night sky you’ll get. Yummy Vietnamese food and an artsy vibe perfect for a casual date. I recommend ending the night with some Vietnamese dripping coffee…. try it cold…. try it with condensed milk.
  2. Mexico
    Every time I think of spending some quality time with my girls I think Margaritas! and Mexico is the perfect place to do that. Chips, guac and fried chicken are staples to an ever changing seasonal menu. Filled with big tables and sangria pitchers this is a good place to enjoy some spicy treats and chat throughout the night.
  3. Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar
    I know, they closed down their store in Wellesley Street. But there is a new Cookie Bus roaming the streets of Auckland! For a quirky day date or a coffee fix with your fam just keep an eye on their facebook page to see where they are going to be next.
  4. The Gin Room
    This one is for the cocktail lovers. We found this place by stalking and following a guy on Vulcan Lane that looked like he came out of a 1920’s film. (yes we are creeps) Going up on some inconspicuous stairs, we were greeted by low lights, 1920’s decor and a chatty bartender which is now competing on the Angostura NZ cocktail competition. If that is not a good omen for the quality of the drinks I don’t know what it is.
  5. Federal Deli
    A take on an old school NYC deli for meat lovers and coffee chuggers. They offer bottomless coffee cups to get your caffeine fix and have a great range of sandwiches and meaty dishes, all of this while being served by cute 1950’s looking girls. If you don’t mind getting messy DO try the poutine! Definitely a perfect lunch spot.

Honarable mentions:

  • The Little Sazerac: Known to us by ‘The Little Hallway’ this is one of my favourite bars situated on a little booth between Raquet and Orleans in Britomart. This is a great place to have a drink with your favourite guy or with friends.
  • Faro: Lately I’ve been venturing into Korean BBQs and I loved this place. You sit down, order a bunch of yummy meats and sides and get your cook on! Just make sure the fan is on, unless you want to smell like food for the next couple of hours haha
  • Cibo: I HAD to name this place. It a bit more fancy but it was the first fancy dinning restaurant le boyfriend and I went to for our first anniversary in Auckland and was the last one we visited before leaving. Good food, good wine and great attention.
Written by julesinabox