This That Cafe

DSC_0054Last Sunday, Le boyfriend and I tried out This That Cafe, a little new spot right across the Auckland Library and next to the newly refurbished Saint James theater.


We found ourselves alone in this little cafe, waiting for our coffee and cakes (banana loaf and carrot cake) and I couldn’t help getting super exiting by the decor. The is a massive mural in the wall with the name of the cafe covered with ‘jungle leaves’ and of course the theme carries on.



There are little succulents hanging from the ceiling and plants coming through the walls but all of that is contrasted with industrial shelves with pipes and copper lighting which make intricate designs on the cafe ceiling. I loved that the tables are all names after artists and that there is a little art gallery in the next room.


The guy in the counter told us that at the moment they are working on an ‘off the counter’ menu, so I guess I’ll have to go back to check it out.
Happy friday everyone!


Written by julesinabox