Pravda: gold stars and the best cheese scone in town

Last Tuesday, Le Boyfriend and I flew for the day to Wellington. It was an early start and a late finish and by the time we got home we were shattered, but we had a great day nonetheless.

After taking care of some boring, immigration stuff, we roamed around the city to find a good place to sit down for some coffee and breakfast. I’ve heard and read heaps of articles about cafes in Wellington, including 25 best cafes in Wellington if you like chairs or 25 best cafe in Wellington if you like the colour blue. So I was certain that finding a cafe was not going to be hard.


To our surprise, It took us forever to find a place, maybe we were in the wrong neighborhood, but there was nothing in sight. Just when we were about to give up and start walking back to the Te Papa Museum, we turned around a corner and saw Pravda.

As soon as we walked in and one of the waiters signal us to one of the tables he said ‘We are known for having the best cheese scones in town’….it was settled… we sat down, ordered some coffees, a breakfast sandwich from the counter, an egg white omelet with wilted spinach and mushrooms and the suggested scone.


I just tasted a little bit, but according to Le Boyfriend the scones were really good, so if you are ever in town, I recommend to stop by to try it out.DSC_0280

Pravda is an inspired european bistro with large spaces, dark, moody ambiance and big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. We were also able to catch a glimpse of at least 10 different awards for beef and lamb in the wall as we walked out.


Written by julesinabox