Postcards from Coromandel [part 2]




_DSC0001_DSC0070Cleaning my camera memory stick I found a couple of photos from our weekend in Coromandel which I totally forgot about, so I though I’d share. A group of friends and I packed our bags for a quick weekend getaway to Tairua for the most epic of views. We hired a batch which can only be described as ‘the place Im gonna buy when Im rich’ 3 floors, a massive living room and kitchen and a cliff panoramic view to die for. When we went summer was close, but not there yet; so even though we had an amazing sunny weather it was a bit chilly. And since we’ve decided to have a very relaxed weekend, we mostly stayed in the batch.

Here I might be more homely, but when it comes to travel, I like to go sightseeing and try to get as much things done as possible, but when you have a view like that, you won’t mind staying in. With no Wi-Fi and the sun shining we sat outside, and chatted our way through the weekend. We stepped outside for an hour or so to go to the beach and I might have had a cheeky nap (not that anyone noticed hahaha)

Written by julesinabox