Northland (Paihia and Central Auckland)

Hello everybody,

This will be the last post on our trip to the northland. Last time I finished my post when we arrived to Pahia, after a quick stop at the Haruru Falls. We arrived as early as we could and set up our minds to find a hotel quickly (we didn’t want to spend another night drinking our arses off to not go to our rooms.)

And let me tell you something, never…ever underestimate a former job, no matter how much you might have hatted it. The couple that traveled with us had worked for a few months in a hostel in Pahia when they first moved to New Zealand, their contract was what they called “Work for accommodation” (which mean that instead of paying them, or paying them fully, they could live in the hostel and not pay rent) they did not completely hatted it but they had some not so nice moments they told us about. Anyway…. we went there, we thought that it was a good idea since they already knew the place, it turns out that because the guy at front desk remember they had worked there, they gave us a former employee  discount and we stayed in a HUGE room. (big enough for 8 people)

DSC_0022 (2)

After leaving our bags in the hostel room, we went out for lunch to a little cafe across the waterfront (the above photo was actually taken from the cafe’s deck where we were eating) We had some lovely fish and chips and some tasty prawn salad and we run off to the ferry terminal to cross to Russell for some ice cream and sightseeing.


After our dessert we started walking up until we reached the beach. If you go to any new zealand beach, you will find that is not strange to find these kind of signs in the street and near the beach. Either all of the island is a tsunami hazard zone, or they just making sure that if there is ever a tsunami, you know what to do. We actually went to a beach, west from Auckland a few week ago, and there was this HUGE sign that pretty much said “If you enter the sea, you might die”, “Enter at own risk” and “We don’t take responsibility if you go swimming”


We spent the rest of the day walking through Russell and then we went back to the ferry terminal, where we found these cheeky teddy bears in a car that had just taken a bride to get married.


The next day we head back to auckland, we stopped in a few beaches on the way back through route 1, had some calamari (best know in Argentina as Rabas) in Whangarei, [pronounced “phangarei” or “fangarei”] and continue our trip back to central auckland. Unfortunately the sky was kind of cloudy, so we couldn’t enjoy the beach as much as we would, but we did find some great places in Omaha, including a great surfing beach, vineyards, and lost of Honesty boxes.


You are probably asking “What on earth is an honesty box?!” – I had the same thought and still can believe it, or trust the system for that matter. An Honesty Box, is a stall, sometime just a box or a gigantic pop -up store, with different kinds of food: vegetables, fruits, juices, wines or cold cuts, there are no employees and no one around to “serve you” just the products with their prices tags and a box to put money in….


After you picked whatever you want to buy, you just take the money and put it in the box, and at the end of the day, week, month someone will come to collect the money, the idea is that you’ll be honest enough to pay what you are taking. If you are new to this you may ask, How does this actually?, well trust me…it works.

That was our weekend trip to the Northland, there’s is so much more to travel yet, and I’ll love to go back again and go to the top  of the north island. I really hope you’d enjoyed this, and let me know on the comments if you’d like this posts, or if you where there, share your thoughts!

Written by julesinabox