Northland (Opononi to Pahia)

It’s time to continue with our trip through the Northland. This time, the road from Opononi to Paihia.

Last post ended with us going through the Waipoua Forrest. After almost a two hour drive we reached it’s end and continued out trip to Opononi, I think the following picture will explain ten times better what an amazing view we got when we reach the entrance to the town. Opononi is a really small town, there is not much to do (in a tourist point of view) but it has the most amazing view ever.


Our trip was planned around March/April so we thought that we were going to find a hotel room pretty easy, given that we were not on holidays. To our surprise, every hotel, hostel, b&b, cabin, tent, was booked and the only place were we found a room, was a trailer park where the manager didn’t want to give us one because he was too lazy to clean it up for us.

Given that we felt pretty much hopeless, after telling him a few times that we didn’t care and wanted the room the way it was, he finally gave in and let us book the room (the “room” was actually a container divided in half with a bed, a tiny mirror and a communal toilet) No need to say… le boyfriend was not amused.


But we didn’t care, we had somewhere to sleep. And we went to have some beers to the pub next the Opononi Hotel facing the sea. I really believe that that night we saw every single person that was staying in Opononi because the bar was packed,.We ate some potato wedges and small nibbles, had more than a few beers and stayed for a few hours playing pool.

Here is were you must take note, specially if you come from a country in South America, or somewhere were you usually dine late, “Kitchens in New Zealand close early,” its up to you to follow this advise, but know that if you don’t you will end up eating 1/3 of a kit kat bar and half of a skittles with a stomach full of beer.


Next day, we made some sandwiches and we continued to Paihia. (I will make this part short since there is not much to tell) the trip was quite short and by midday we were in Paihia, we stopped only once at the Haruru Falls to take a look. If you have the time and are on your way to Paihia or the other way around you should stop for a few minutes at the falls and takes some pictures, but to be quite honest I believe there are much bigger and impressive water falls in the rest of the island.


In the next post I will continue the trip from Paihia to Auckland, and hopefully it wont take too long to write. Let me know in the comments if you like this kind of post or where would you like me to go next.


Written by julesinabox