Northern Steamship

Sorry I took so long to write a new post. I thought I have uploaded one a few weeks ago, but I guess not :S

So, continuing with the “food” theme, a few weeks ago I we went (le boyfriend and me) to Northern Steamship, or as some people call it, the Mac’s Brewery. Located in the corner of Quay St and Gore St in Auckland.

My immediate thought when I walked in was… This is seriously awesome… not only because it looked really cosy, like the place to go with some to have a drink by the fire, but the way the bar was decorated was really creative. For starters in the ceiling there are a bunch of lamps and chandeliers all hanged upside-down, there is a gigantic circular bookcase in the back, vintage artwork and the furniture is all different from each other. It gives the bar a very eclectic look, but at the same time, with the colour scheme and the leather couches it looks really cosy and warm.



As it is pretty much know for being a brewery we got two beers, a Mac’s Gold and a Sassy Red (I know nothing about beers but I loved the name.) Still the variety of drinks is pretty large and you can order bottled beers or on tap. I usually prefer on tap.

Let’s talk food….

We ordered two burgers, one chicken, one beef and end up sharing them because we both wanted to try both. I sincerely can quite remember what was on the beef one (except for the porcini mushroom, bacon and cheese) but the chicken one had, tomato, lettuce, pineapple, brie cheese and avocado) To be honest I was a little bit worried about the pineapple, just because I usually have alone or in a fruit salad, and don’t mix it with savoury things, but I love it, so it was a nice surprise. (This doesn’t mean im going to start putting pineapple in all or my meals, but this was unexpectedly nice)



So to end this in a happy note, I guess that I’ll definitely go back, I’d like to see how is like at night and how it works more as a bar, maybe try some of the other beers they have on tap.

Let me know down in the comments if you ever went to the steamship or if you’d like to go or if you have any suggestions for next time.



Written by julesinabox