Morning runs at Tiergarden

This year, as every other year, I decided I was going to step up my fitness game and sign up for a few marathons. Of course easier said than done, but given that being unemployed has given me a lot of free time and we are quite close to Tiergarden I though better star now.

This morning I went for a run, I took the U-bahn to the Tiergarden Station and started from there towards the Brandenburg Gate. Of course, I didn’t go there expecting to write a post but after a running for a while I though I’d take a few pictures to share with you.

Thoughts on my morning run:
The Pros, you actually run outside, the sun and wind hits your face and you are surrounded by the amazing Tiergarden and all of it little spots. The Cons, the undeniable though that you are incredibly out of shape, trying to question your mere existence and why, again, why you’ve decided to sign up for a running thingThe inbetween, sprinklers.

I ended up also stopping at the Reichstag and the Jewish Memorial and even spotted a protest rally at the Brandenburg Gate.




Written by julesinabox