Miss Moonshines

_DSC0969Once a month (and when I can actually attend) I get together with other bloggers from New Zealand to chat and basically spend the morning having yummy treats in a foodie spot around the city. You’ve heard about it before when I mention #thebrunchclub.

But what I don’t often mention is that one of the things a love most about this is the fact that I can discover new places around the city that other wise…. I might miss.


This is the case with Miss Moonshines and The Street Food collective. Basically hidden behind the Ponsonby shops, Miss Moonshines is basically how I want my dream home to look like, brass pipes with cool lights, modern kitchen, a massive mural on a wall (don’t know if exactly of a cow, but nonetheless) and an overall industrial, cool vibe.



They specialized on American style BBQ food, so we were greeted with cornbread and fried chicken, with some magic mushrooms (not that kind), and I ordered a drink called Gin Reaper because why the hell not? We talked and ate and talk some more and ate some more and I was about to burst out of my pants thinking we were done, when our waiters approached us with the second half of our meal. They handed us ‘Pig Tail Fries’, ‘Apple and Mint Slaw’ and an tray of assorted meats which included lamb chops, pulled pork and beef.


I would have loved to try the Orleans donuts but I couldn’t have any more food with out exploding. Thank you girls for choosing such a cool place and I’m sure I will go back and bring Le Boyfriend with me.

Written by julesinabox