Thursday Motivation

I feel most of you (of at least a great amount) will relate to this. Sometime I feel I hit a low point and everything I do feel extremely hard. It’s not just laziness, it feels like whatever it is drags you down into a ‘I don’t care’ spiral.

A couple of months ago I change a medication I was taking for a lower dose one. This new medication helped a lot (and I mean a lot) with some trouble I was having with migraines and dizziness. But at the same time it messed up my entire lifestyle. I’m not one of those ‘live for my body’ persons but I do admit I like to look presentable, wear make up and pamper myself once in a while.

A few weeks ago, I started realizing how my habits began to change, I’ve been missing the gym for weeks, I began eating more that Le Boyfriend (basically binge eating everything at any time) which led to a considerable weight gain, my hair changed, my skin breaks out all the time and all of that led to me slowly caring less and less about my appearance, projects and overall daily stuff.

I’ve decided to make a change and slowly get back on track, finish projects and get a bit more energy every day. For this I know I require a lot of motivation so today I just wanted to share with you a bit of motivation/inspiration from around the interwebz. Who knows, you might need it too.

Until next time.- Jules



Written by julesinabox