OGE October Round up! (English Only)

[Brace yourself for the long post]

Yay! October is over which means it’s time for Our Growing Edge’s October Round up.

During the last month I’ve seen how all of theses amazing, drool-worthy recipes piled up in the linkup group and now I can finally share them with you.

This month got everything, cooking tips, strange flavour combinations, savoury and sweet recipes, fall inspired recipes for those living on the upper part of the globe and wonderful photography. The perfect mix to get you foodie inspiration on.

Without following any specific order, let’s dig in….
(I wonder how many have used this pun already…)

Porco à Alentejana (Portuguese Pork and Clams) – by Fearless Kitchen

FK motto is ‘Cooking fearlessly, living adventurously, and eating well’….well kudos to you my friend ‘cause you did it! Clams and pork might be one of the weirdest combinations ever, but she said she cried when she first tried it, like happy cried…the cool type of cry so we are let to believe this is a great dish. (of course the other 4 times she had it in a week confirms that pork and clams might be a hidden combination jem)

Wild Venison – by Bunny Eats Design

Oh Genie Genie…. she never cease to amaze me with her food styling and photography. I’ve never really known how to cook venison, as she explained New Zealand has really good venison meat but I failed miserably when I tried to cook it. Genie’s recipes is super easy and I reckon that by the ingredients it tasted really good as well. I guess I’ll have another go on venison soon.

Coca cola Chilli Chicken – by Searching for Spice

Say wha?! Corina explained she had a rebellious streak and recreated a chinese dish using this cola drink (her mother didn’t allow her to drink when she was a child) to create a savoury sweet sauce to pair with chicken and veggies. An adventurous combination to try if you ask me but the photo look amazing and my guess is that it also tasted great!

Baked Churros – by Muffin-Mum

This Wellington based Mum teamed up with Miss Muffin (adorable nickname for her daughter) to make these “baked” churros. I’m very VERY familiarized with churros (nom nom), but since they are usually fried I try to leave them for indulgent moments. But thanks to this recipe for a baked option I’m probably going to gain a few pounds in the next weeks.

Bloody Mary Soup with Old Bay – by Cooking is messy

Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary..Bloody Marrryyyy… got your attention yet? Mariel is an American expat living in london, she loves cookies, lemon flavoured desserts, museums and star wars (did I heard blog-soul mates?) After a failed attempt on a magazine recipe, she researched for inspiration and recreated this spicy bloody mary soup to fit her palate.

Wild side chilli sushi – by Chilli365

Culture clashes anyone? who would have thought of mixing japanese sushi with Texas heat chilli? well…Chilli365 did and not only mixed chilli and sushi but the chilli was made with Elk meat. The “involuntary” taste panel love it so I wonder what crazy chilli recipe we’ll see next.

Apple Crisp a la mode, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin Spiced ginger scones and pumpkin granola – Andre’s the Home Baker

Girl you haven’t stopped cooking have you?! As I explained at the beginning half of the world is adventuring into the fall season and this Hong Kong based student delighted us with not only one but four! fall inspired recipes. Let’s begin with some breakfast with a pumpkin pie flavoured granola spiced with cinnamon, some homemade pumpkin doughnuts with some yummy cinnamon glaze, pumpkin spiced scones with ginger spiced glaze ready for tea time and to finish these little lovely apple crisps’ topped with vanilla ice cream nom nom nom I absolutely loved the photos on the last one!

Couscous with chickpea, turmeric and garlic – By Spicy Quirky and Serendipitous

I got so into her story when I first starting reading the blog post that I completely forgot about the recipe! After moving half way over the globe and stripping away all the recipes and ingredients she grew up with, this scientist is now cooking with instinct and mixing ingredient otherwise thought impossible. This time she tried couscous for the first time but she added a few bit and pieces to make it more hearty and personal.

Skinny Chicken Pot Pie – By Everyday life of a mother and wife

This lovely mother of two shared this super easy and healthy chicken pot pie recipe, just changing a few ingredients to lower calories options and adding everything to a crockpot it’s not only super easy but you can use all that time on heaps of activities.

Chinese Dumplings – By I’ve got cake

All of us here are “internet people” we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t, so being deprived of our wifi connection can turn ugly, Dana from I’ve got cake had this problem and after a few calls to the internet company “she learned a valuable lesson”, what’s in it for us? She also made dumplings…I’ve always wanted to learn how to make dumplings, I can’t find a place to get them from so I always thought I would be a great idea to know how to make them, and these look really yummy. I guess the secret lies on the dough.

First World Problems – by The chef with red shoes

This has to be one of my favourite posts…. not an actual recipe but a series of tips and tricks on cooking when you live on a hotel (or have a limited kitchen) I mean how cool is to be able to take an electric kettle to make hard boiled eggs? Chandler lived on a hotel room in Abu Dhabi for several months, as a working chef this could result in a nightmare but here she shares her experience and a few really good looking recipes to try also. (by the way…I’m soooo trying those eggs)

Chilaquiles with Eggs over Fried Plantains – By I’ll have seconds

Oh you had me at “brunch”! Lauren had heaps of options and recipes for this month’s OGE but she decided to challenge herself and not only went for some mexican chilaquiles but given she is venturing in a Paleo diet she modified the recipe to fit the Paleo life. She said the recipe took most of her Sunday morning but boy it looks yummy!

Salmon with Green Herbs – By Love, Live and Life by Kim

Great addition and fool-proof salmon recipe by this half dutch half german psych student/photographer, she has heaps of gluten and lactose free recipes in her blog, so head over there for some great recipes, daily motivation posts and overall inspiration.

Apple Pie – By The common cook

Inspiration for cooking recipes can be found everywhere…literally everywhere, just ask Brynne who took the inspiration from an Agatha Christie’s book where a girl is drowned on a bucket used to bobbing apples on Halloween Parties. Slightly obscure but spot on for Halloween/fall theme recipe, and I mean…who doesn’t like apple pie anyways?

Kolaches and Caramelized Pear filling – By hostess at Heart

This time Julie shared with us two recipes, one which pears perfectly with the other (see what I did there?). I had no idea what Kolaches were until I read this post, but I just feel they would look simply amazing in an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. This puffed pastry cakes are filled with caramelized pears goodness, which is Julie’s other recipe, just a great idea for when you have bunch of pears you need to use up or…just simply want a delicious treat.

Shrimp boil party – By Rice and Kai

Well this is a party I’d LOVE to go to. If you are not drawn by the recipe itself, you have to be drawn by the amazing styling and photography. I love the idea of getting everything in the middle of the table and getting your hands dirty. Shrimps, clams, corn and a helluva dinner party. Great idea!

Thumbprint cookies with lemon curd filling – By My daughter and I

I don’t know what I love more, the fact that I’ve just discovered an awesome mom-daughter blog or that you’ve recreated one of my favourite cookies but with lemon filling! In Argentina those kind of cookies are called “Pepas” and are filled with quince paste, don’t get me wrong these are by far the best cookies ever…but to have them with lemon filling? well that’s just a whole other level of awesomeness.

Prune and Sherry Ice cream – By Add some butter

Suné has taken on a sweet variation on the classic Rum and raisin ice cream, paired perfectly with indulging memories of her Grandads’ Sunday lunches. I’m not personally a fan of prunes but I’m really intrigued on trying the combination together with the creaminess of the ice cream. A recipe to make Oupa Carel proud!

And I tried to recreate the quintessential Kiwi dish: Baked Lamb with Kumara mash and roasted veggies, I added my own twist to it but I guess it turned out quite good.


This month we had 23 inspiring recipes, thank you all so much for these delicious posts! Please comment below on your favourite recipe and don’t forget to check out this lovely ladies blogs.
Until next time. Jules.-

Written by julesinabox