Literary Dinner Party

_DSC0790A bit over a month ago, a couple of friends of ours invite us to be part of our own version of my kitchen rules. And since then we’ve been getting together on Friday for the most amazing dinner parties. The bar was set up and the stakes were high, so we sat down with Le Boyfriend for a quick brainstorming when it came to plan our night.

Given that we are more on the geeky side, we’ve decided to choose some of our favourite books and movies and pick three dishes and beverages inspired on them. In the previous parties everyone had carefully chosen their dishes and print them up on lovely menus. SO we though that given our ‘theme’ we would do something fun.

8 hours and two days later we finished our hand-drawn tablecloth menu. I have to say I’m super happy of how it turned out, there were a few bits and pieces to finish but overall I was quite exited to see it when the table was set.

Our Menu went as follows; for beverages we had Polyjuice Potion from Harry Potter (Sangria and Blue Lemonade), as an entree we had Lembas Elvish bread with ricotta, basil and tomatoes (The Lord of the Rings) Dragon Blazed steaks with veggies and potatoes towers as a main (Game of Thrones) and finally and obviously my favourite, Mini Un-Birthday Cake (Alice in Wonderland)


The Drama: I mean…I’ve should have know. No dinner party of mine goes with ouw a bit of a panic moment, but usually its me trying to get the food ready and not getting myself ready on time. But last friday, I was on time, we were not rushing, the prep of the dished were going smoothly, people were coming in and then the words….. ‘Guys….aren’t we missing two places?’  How?! how could I have miscalculated so much?! I had completely forgot about us, I cooked for 8 and we were 10.


After a bit of a strategy meeting with Le Boyfriend we finally made things work (I truly think that if they wouldn’t have notice if they hadn’t know) but I was not able to truly breath until the last bite of dessert was taken.


Overall I think it was super fun, everyone look like they were having fun and we still have a few more dinners to go through, so that’s exciting. I would love to do something like this again…calculating correctly that’s it hahaha.
Until next time.- Jules.

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Written by julesinabox