Food truck Madness

_DSC0028Last Saturday I met some friends and ran to the Silo park for a foodie adventure, we met at Daldy Street, where a bunch of food trucks and foodie stalls were gathered for the day. Given the beautiful weather and of course, the amazing selection of food, the place was packed with people, having some food and getting a bit of sun.



I woke up that day and went to the gym straight away, so I was a bit hungry when I got home, which meant I made the mistake of having a late breakfast, and a big one too, so by the time I got to Daldy Street, I wasn’t hungry…..the horror.

I got a little pulled pork brioche slider from Ryan’s Kitchen and went to sit down with my friends. What a view! truck after truck after stall after plates and plates of yummy goodness, a DJ on the side pumping some music and people chilling by the grass… this made me really excited for summer.



It was bit windy which made it a bit cold but that didn’t stop me from having an ice cream from Sweet Val’s. I have to be honest here…. I went for the Kitchen Aids….stayed for the ice cream. That place was a Kitchen Aid heaven, they had at least 4 mixers, all different colours, I was jealous….hell Im still jealous.


The girl up front explained to me that they make their own ice creams, from scratch at that moments since they have a big container filled with liquid nitrogen. So I proceeded to order my ‘Cookies and Caramel chocolate Sundae’ and stepped back to see the magic happen. And just like that, the guy there turned on the red kitchen aid (feeling my obsession yet?) grabbed a couple of ingredients, a bit of chocolate sauce, cream, sugar, etc, poured some liquid nitrogen and a couple of minutes later…voila…my ice cream was done.




We stayed there for the rest of the afternoon, catching up and ‘pimping’ our ice creams with pieces of churros, having food envy from people walking by until it was too cold. I really hope they keep doing this because it’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and it’s totally recommendable, even if you don’t go there for the food.

Until next time. Jules.-


Written by julesinabox