Cooking for Argies: Butter Chicken (murgh makhani)

For those who follow me on social media this is no surprise, but I am at the moment spending a couple of day back in Argentina. This time we came with a bit more time to visit friends and family and this time I was able to snuck in a couple of yummy treats.

Since moving to New Zealand our ‘eating habits’ changed, not only we eat relatively more healthy but we’ve tried and loved food that is really hard to find here, such as thai food, corean, indonesian and indian food. The later is one the le boyfriends go to meals when we have to choose a place to go to.

So, since I’m such a good girlfriend and I like to subdue my family to the strangest of experiments, I’ve decided to bring with myself a couple of spices and attempt an Indian Butter Chicken Curry. Since argies are not used to spicy food, I’ve decided to start with something mild and go for a butter chicken.


The Guests:

  • The Excited one  (le boyfriend): it had been a while since he had indian food and was overall excited of having it for dinner.
  • The Sceptic one: (le father): slightly sceptic but intrigued about trying this thing I’ve been talking non stop since I got there.
  • The Yes Man: (le Casanova aka Le sisters boyfriend): he is the perfect subject to try new foods, he’ll say yes to anything and ask for a second serving.
  •  The ‘Are you sure is not too scipy?’ lady (aka le mother): mostly scared about the spiciness and effect that it might have on her, yet the only one who tried indian food before.
  • The Yes Girl (le blondie): Much like her counterpart, she is the perfect guest. She will try whatever you cook and be excited about the experience.

DSC_0009 1

I don’t know about you, but for me, no curry is good enough without its naan or paratha, so I started by finding a naan recipe and getting the dough ready (you can find the one that I’ve used here)  For the curry, I brought some spice paste from NZ specially prepared for butter chicken, the only thing I needed to do is mix the paste with some tomato sauce, cream and onion and toss cubed chicken stirring until cooked through. The only thing left to do is to cook some basmati rice in boiling water with a pinch of salt, and serve.


Final thoughts:
All the guests looked happy and agreed that it was yummy. Non of them found the curry spicy or in the need to add cream to it to soften the flavour. The naan bread didn’t go as planned since I found it didn’t have the soft, flexible texture as the ones I’ve tried before, but it still tasted good.

We could say then, that Butter chicken: 5/5 Argies approved

What do you think? Have you tried indian food before or intend to do it? Should we continue to try new foods from different countries and share them with the rest of the world?
Until next time.- Jules

Written by julesinabox