Burger Quest [The homemade edition]


If you’ve met Le Boyfriend or if you’ve read this blog for a while, you would know that he  is obsessed with Burgers, and throughout our stay in New Zealand, he made it his mission to find the best burger joint in  the country (That’s how the burger quest was born.) We wanted to do the same here but I realised that even though he can eat them every day and is quite picky about them, we’ve never actually tried to make our own, so this time we bring you “The Burger Quest: Homemade Edition”

A couple of months ago I convinced le boyfriend to buy a stand mixer and the only reason he said yes was because it came with a meat grinder attachment….which meant…future burgers. So last weekend we put it to use.


For the patties, he used a mixture of rump steak, brisket and Scotch fillet, salt, pepper, a bit of paprika, Worcestershire sauce and an egg. The burger itself consisted of a hamburger bun (store-bought, we previously made our own buns but this time we didn’t have the time) Emmental cheese, crispy bacon, tomato and lettuce. I attempted to do an Alioli sauce but failed, so we used basic mustard and ketchup sauce.



But as expected, Le Boyfriend is the biggest critic I know, not only with other but himself, so this time even though he was quite pleased with the patties, he wasn’t fully convinced with his first attempt at a homemade burger. He said that even though it tasted good, it lacked something that made it special. Maybe next time he’ll used homemade buns or sauce.



This time he gave it 2 and half boyfriend faces, but he said this was the first step to a long history of  le boyfriend burgers.2

Written by julesinabox