Burger Quest 3 – Grill Meats Beer

_DSC0449Between packing up our house for our Berlin trip, plus that whole month and a half in Argentina and now getting to know this new city. Le Boyfriend and I basically just lived off burgers. It’s simple and you can’t really F it up, so it quickly became our go to meal when we were out of ideas.

That being say, today I was tidying up some old photographs when I realised I had a couple of photos from a Burger Quest we did when we flew to Wellington. I don’t know the reason why I didn’t write a post at the time, but late is better than never, so with out further ado I give you, Burger Quest part 3.


Since the moment we landed I was swamp with messages from friends saying we should check out Cuba St. for lunch, so after walking pretty much the whole Te Papa Museum, we continued our walk towards Cuba St.

Not knowing what to eat (as per usual) we walked and walked until we bumped with Grill Meats Beer, a cute bar grill with a crafty vibe and an open kitchen to feast your eye. This place is not so much a burger joint but a meat-lovers dream, a great combination of craft beers and drinks with yummy meats straight from the grill.


Of course, we overestimate our hunger (and the portions) and ended up ordering way too much. We started by ordering a couple of beers (Emerson Bookbinders and a ParrotDog Flaxen Feather) and an some bacon and cheddar croquetas. The portion was about 5 croquetas, which were around the size of a Cadbury Cream egg, it was ok, but I don’t know if I would order it again, since the filling, yet yummy, felt a bit ‘mushy’.


But we are here for the burgers, so lets begin. (I’ve checked the website and it looks like the menu changed so I don’t think these are in the menu anymore) Le Boyfriend went for a pulled pork burger with some apple slaw and I ordered a Staxx Burger which I didn’t realized it came with two patties. Overall it was great, we were full and both burgers tasted amazing and were fully cooked which is a must for le Boyfriend (Im more of a medium rare kind of girl).



This time we’ll award Grill Meats Beer 3/5 LB faces

lb face



Written by julesinabox