Where are you now? – News from Deutschland

berlinYou might be wondering why I’ve been radio silent for the past few weeks. (or not..who knows) But if you were, here is were you find out why.

So…what’s going on?
After serious considering and planning and late night talks and google searches, le boyfriend and I have decided to continue our adventure around the world and leave New Zealand for a while, we might be back (that’s why there is a storage room filled with furniture and pretty decor stuff) but until we decide where to settle down, we’ve decided to travel around a bit more.

What in trying to say is: WE MOVED TO BERLIN!

Midway through 2015 we’ve decided to travel back to Argentina at the begging of 2016 and don’t come back. The plan was to go back home for a quick holiday and then fly anywhere in Europe to start over, but on a weird turn of events, Le Boyfriend was contacted by a company from Berlin and voila here we are.

What does this mean?
As much as I want to, this means that I won’t be able to be as on top of Kiwi news as before, which means that for a while (I do have a couple of cards under my sleeve thought) this blog will change to record our little adventure in the old world.

There will still be food, events and everyday life posts but this time we are doing it Berliner Style. And hopefully there will be a whole lotta traveling around.
So until next time…. wish us luck and if you have anything to recommend, it will be happily accepted.

Auf wiedersehen.- Jules

Written by julesinabox