Expat Life: What is an Anmeldung and why it’s important if you want to live in Germany?


Are you planning to move to Germany? If the answer is YES, then make sure you have all the necessary documents to make your stay hassle free. Also I will talk about the Unmeldung and Abmendulg.

So what’s an Anmeldung?
An-mendulng (separable verb… I know.. why German why?) simply mean to register. If you are planning to live in Germany (tourists of course don’t need to apply for this) you need to register in the country. It is expected of expats to register in the first month they’ve arrived and within 15 days of signing a contract for an apartment.

Why is it important?
Well, to begin with, it’s illegal to stay in the country without registering (tourist excepted of course.) There is no way to get away from it and if you don’t register you will be fined [or deported] Also is it impossible (or extremely difficult) to get certain things with out and Anmeldung as well (Bank accounts, internet/gas/electricity contracts.)

Do I need to register?
If you are planning to stay for more than 3 months and get an apartment or house there, if you are going to study, if you are planning to work or if you are planning to move to the country, you need to register.

How to I register and what do you need?

You should probably start by getting an appointment in your local bürgeramt (Citizen Registration Office) I might take a couple of days/weeks, so make sure you get and appointment with time. You should, by the time you go to the bürgeramt, have a place to live and signed a contact with them. Once you have this you can go to the office and present the following documents:
– Passport
– Registration Form (Anmeldeformular) [It can also be found in English]
– Landlord form (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) [Form signed by your landlord confirming if you are living there]
If you are married or have children and they are living with you, you should take your marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, etc.

If you have any doubts, check the official website to make sure you have all the documents necessary. Also it would be worth noting that if you can, maybe bring someone with you that speaks the language. (I was lucky to find someone who spoke english the second time, but it took me a while and without the language it can prove difficult) …..and….be patient.

What is an Umenldung?
Just like you have to register once you sign a contract for a new apartment, you should also notify when you move. An Unmeldung is simply a form where you notify your change of address. Luckily this can be download online and sent to the office by post instead of going through the whole ‘bureaucratic process’

And finally, what is an Abmeldung?
(I’ve told you, the separable verbs are insane) An Abmeldung then is a form you fill out if you leave the country. A form to let the authorities know that you are no longer living there.

Anyway, this is a quick guide to registering in Germany, I hope this helps some of you if you are planning to move here and do check their website to make sure you are every document necessary, it might change from time to time and I’m not an official agent so do double check just in case.

Until next time.- Jules

Written by julesinabox