The Market Diaries [Graze and Feast]

logoThe thing about street food, is that you have options… you can have Indian for an appetizer, a little taco, then some roasted lamb sandwiches for main, maybe ice cream afterwards or Ukrainian sweets. So when I heard I could find all of these under the same roof on the same day I was in.


Graze and Feast is a independently owned, market styled event, that gather all these amazing food vendors under the Shed 10 in the Queen’s Wharf for an night of yummy eating. They will be running every Friday throughout the month of July and trust me, they will see me again.


We got there around 6pm, Le boyfriend got his ‘Drinking Stamp’ and we had a quick look of the vendors (truth be told I had to stop Le boyfriend from running after the person in the gigantic yellow monkey suit)


As for the food, we got some curry puffs and some brisket sandwiches with some fries. I was able to see from the corner of my eye an amazing looking Spanish paella and I got a sweet tooth for some paleo brownies, but the truth is that the places got so busy so quick that I was almost impossible to even walk from one place to the other.


We are not known for being the most patient people in the world so we decided to have an ice cream for dessert….outside. I can’t believe how Valentino’s is not packed 24/7, it’s the closest thing to Italian ice cream you’ll find. (For those not knowing of what I’m talking about, Valentinos is an ice cream shop in the old ferry building.

(Are those white and gold, or black and blue?)


Anyway…I rambled too much. For those interested this market will still be around until the end of July, every Friday from 5.30pm till 10pm in the Shed 10 (queens wharf)



Written by julesinabox