Tapas around Palma [Ruta Martiana]

Ph. Jose Rains

Le father said it best, Spaniards found the secret to life: countless town parties, holidays, endless meals, breakfast on the beach, water flights between neighborhoods, siestas, food and drinks, food and drinks….and… food and drinks.

We heard about the Ruta Martiana from a friend in Berlin, and when we moved to Palma we made sure we visited it, the very next day.

Every Tuesday a series of bars in Palma’s old town organizes the Ruta Martiana (We are still discussing if the name come from Martian or Tuesday, so it would be something along the line of ‘The Tue-rtian Road’ but don’t quote me on that.) These bars offer its customers one caña (200ml beer) and one tapa for around 1 or 2 Euros.

The whole point of it is a massive tapas crawl throughout the town (and of course is a good way of checking out bars without having to stay in just one the them.)

It’s every Tuesday around 19hs and most of the bars around the Plaza Major are part of it, even though I still can’t find a proper map of the ruta. So, I’m going to name just a few that I know that take part every Tuesday.

Word of advice though, during the summer months can get very…. very crowded, and since drinking is not allowed on the streets you might find yourself dodging elbows just to get to the bar.

So, this is our usual route for the Martiana Route:

  •  Lizarran (plaza major) [This is a major tapas chain, but we use it as a meeting point since there is one in Plaza Major….and when in Rome…]
  •  Bar España: Carrer de Can Escursac 12
  •  Ca La Seu: Carrer de la Corderia 17
  •  Lemon Tree: Calle Pes de la Farina 10 [Vegan, gluten-free friendly]
  •  Moltabarra: Calle Pes de la Farina 12 [The best monster Spanish tortillas, they are seriously huge]
  •  Sa Jugueteria: Carrer del Pes del Formatge 4 [The décor will take you back to your childhood and feed your inner nerd, sometimes they will even lend you games for you table.
Written by julesinabox