TaPalma 2017

From Wednesday until Sunday more than 30 restaurants and bars throughout Palma will come together for TaPalma 2017 an event that combines good tapas with yummy cocktails for us to enjoy.

There are several routes designed on each neighborhood with an array of eateries and bars that will offer the public with a new and special tapa and drink for the event.

Unlike past years, on Monday there was also a contest where 10 of this 30+ places competed for the best tapa and the best drink of this year’s edition. The winner, respectively were Rodrigo Vallejo from Shamrock restaurant with his tapa ‘Picnic’ and Victor Abal from MG Little Italy with his cocktail ‘Deseo de Otoño’ (Autumns wishes)

Photo: J. Fernandez Ortega

Photo: J. Fernandez Ortega

For more info, times, and a complete guide of the restaurants and its tapas visit their website here. Happy eating!

Written by julesinabox