Remuera + Bastille Day

The 14th of July the French celebrate Bastille Day as their national holiday and Remuera was one of Auckland’s suburbs who team up with their french community to participate in their celebration.

Just a few minutes outside central city (just 2 train stations away from Britomart) Remuera Road was filled with all thing french from lovely pastries and wine tastings, to a headless Marie Antoinette parading around with mimes.


The whole street was filled with New Zealand and France’s flags and balloons came out to the streets. Every store collaborated with the festivities and decorated their windows with either red, white and blue elements or they added French icons (like mini Eiffel Towes and baguettes) into their windows.



There were different events, aimed specially for children, from fencing to a bicycle decoration competition, a dog parade and (the one a loved the most) a little waiter race, all the kids, separated into age categories, were dressed with an apron and given a tray with some glasses filled with water, after a bell rang they have to “race” each other to the finish line down the road without spilling any water.

The look in some of this kids faces was priceless, most of the trays were even bigger than their whole body.


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Jules .-

Written by julesinabox