Pride Picnic [4 Easy Rainbow themed recipes]

Disclaimer. I’m using another computer because I left mine at home….and given that I’m clearly a genius (irony alert!) I left all my photos for this post in that computer. Nonetheless I really wanted to post this, so I thought I post it with some photos I’ve used as inspiration and hopefully when I get my laptop back, I’d update the pictures. Sorry for the mess.

June is Pride month. A month to be proud and embrace who you are, no matter who you love and how you may look. I’ve always felt very close to the LGBTQ+ community and even though every year I promise myself that I will go, I’ve never been to a pride march. And since I’ve watched it I’ve always loved this speech from Nomi (A trans woman from the Netflix show Sense8).

Anyway, I though since June is Pride month and even though I believe you can celebrate it all year round, I’d thought I’d share some tasty and easy recipes for a colorful “Pride Picnic.” So get your rainbow flag ready, set up some plates, call your friends and try some of these amazing recipes!

  • Fruity Sangria
    Lets start with drinks, because you can’t have a party without them. You’ll need:
    – Rainbow fruit: Grapes, strawberries,orange, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries (your choice)
    – Simple syrup (same parts of water and sugar)
    – A bottle of dry white wine
    – 1 bottle of Ginger Ale
    Method: Mix everything in a pitcher, refrigerate, done! – You can choose to either mix the fruit as it comes in the pitcher or maybe have a little sangria station where you and you guests can set the fruit on a rainbow way in each glass and then serve the sangria mix.
  • Colorful Hummus Spread
    Let’s keep going with some appetizers and spreads. For these you should make a big batch of basic Hummus. I always for the same recipe that you can find here, But you will also need:
    – Roasted red pepper slices
    – Puree beetroot
    – Grated or puree carrots
    – Mashed Avocado
    – Tortilla chips (there are some blue corn one that you can get too), Veggie Chips or any veggies you want to add.
    Method: Once you make (of get) your big batch of hummus, divide it in five container. One will stay as is, and for the rest, combine the other ingredient into the basic mix. You will end up with five different flavored hummus (purple. red, yellow, green and ‘white.’) Serve with chips or veggies.

  • Rainbow Veggie Pizza
    All of these recipes are vegan/vegetarian friendly, so you can mix and match to accommodate your guests needs. And they are meant to be quick, so it’s ok if you want to go for store-bought pizza bases, or if you want to make them yourself.
    – Pizza bases
    – Cheese , vegan cheese, hummus spread (your choice of base)
    – Rainbow veggies: purple onions, tomatoes, orange pepper, corn, broccoli, black olives
    Method: Place your pizza bases and coat them with your cheese base. If you are using a circular base, places the veggies per color on a circular way. (You can choose to cook the pizza before of after doing this.)
  • Fruit Kebabs
    Like I said, these are mean to be super quick, super easy recipes. So you can use the same ingredients as the sangria to create some delicious sweet treats:
    – Rainbow fruit: Grapes, strawberries,orange, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries (your choice)
    – Wooden skewers
    Method: Separate the fruit per color and arrange them like a rainbow through the skewers. Serve!

I hope these recipes help you get ready for a colorful pride picnic. Also, Spotify now has some amazing pride inspired playlists that you can use. Anyway, let me know if you try any of these, have fun, fight for love and until next time.- Jules.


Written by julesinabox