Movie Nights at Silo Park

On summer nights, the Silo park puts together free cinema sessions. Every Friday they project a movie on one of it’s unused silos for an open-air cinema session right across the Harbour bridge.


Last Friday I went for the first time, I wanted to go see “The nightmare before Christmas” screening but something got in the way…ok…cocktails….cocktails got in the way…jeezz. So, after researching the schedule, we went last Friday to see “Spirited Away” which I had heard that as a designer/illustrator I HAD to see.


The sessions are free, every Friday at 9pm until Jan 31th. So the only thing you need to do is check the schedule, pick a movie and get yourself to the park. ( But, if are really planning on going, here are some tips to make the best of the night.


1.- Early Birds: Unless you want to sit on the other side of the bridge, you better get there early. The movie started at 9pm, we thought on going around 8pm…..we ended going at 7.20pm and when we got there it was already packed, luckily our friends got there on time to get a spot. But if you really want to see the movie “comfortably” get there on time.

2.- Auckland is cold as F**k: Blankets, sweaters, snugglies, that awful vest auntie Myrtle got you for your birthday, what ever you can find to keep you warm. We are in the middle on January, but the moment the sun goes down it gets super cold. So is best to go prepared with something to cover up.

3.- Choose your battles: Yes, there always will be rude people, but it’s not necessary to pick a fight with the whole park. Is the men next to you smoking in your face, blocking the view? Yes – Does it really bother you? Yes – Then say something. Is that woman getting closer and slowly sitting on your picnic blanket? Yes – Does it really bother you? Not really – Then just let it go.

4.- Tonight we feast:  If you are going with your friends, partner or with a big group, take snacks. Why not have a picnic in the park while you wait for the movie to start. On Friday nights the Silo Park also has its Night Market, where you could find anything from coffee to fried pizza, so you can always have a “market picnic” but make sure to take cash with you: most stall don’t have EFTPOS (Debit/Credit card payment) And the Cash out Stall is usually packed.

5.- Have fun! Your not really going to make me explain this, are you?


As you might imagine, the reason for this tips is because I really wished I had heard them beforehand. We went unprepared, even though we were near the silo we sat on a hill so it got uncomfortable, it was freezing cold, we had “no money” and unluckily, I sat between a drunk smoker that walked around stepping on people and a woman who started moving until half her body was in our blanket, so its fair to say that people got cranky and we were really cold and uncomfortable. So Im not proud to say, that when the movie stopped half way for an intermission, we packed our stuff and went home: sat on the couch, got some coffee and watch the rest of the film online.


Yes, not the best thing to do. So don’t follow my lead, take m advise and enjoy the full movie at the park, its great full….for free. Penny for your thoughts…


Written by julesinabox