Im officially a DJ [Dry July 2015]

No it’s not what you think, even though I’m pretty sure I could rock a half shaved ‘Skrillex’ hair style, I will no be turning tables any time soon. But I am, officially from tomorrow, a DJ (Dry-July-er)

What the F are you on about? you may ask.
Well this means that for the month of July I will go Booze Free, no wine, no beer, no drink that contains alcohol, nothing! All to raise money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand and other organizations that help cancer patients and their families.

I know, its going to be tough, especially with all the wine related events that are happening in July (couldn’t they check a calendar?!) but Im going to do my best.

If any of you want to help you can check my profile here of clicking in the DJ image on the sidebar, and maybe hook me up with a wee donation. There is absolutely no obligation to donate, you can help me out by donating, sharing my profile through Social media or giving some online support. Everything helps and I know we can add our bit.

So bottoms up and bye bye booze till August.
I will be doing Dry Fridays were I’ll recap each week (Also I’ll be updating my Dry July profile frequently)



Written by julesinabox