Emerging Pixels….FAIL

I get weekly emails from a website called Concrete playground and Big Little City with events and things to do in the city. In one of those emails I saw there was an interactive exhibition in the Aotea centre called “Emerging pixels” and I thought it was a good idea to go, maybe take a few photos even some videos and do a blog post. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be a total fail.

The exhibition consists of a gigantic screen that has attached an Xbox kinetic accessory that captures movement and translate it into image, different movements, different the image. The other screen on the other hand had the same premise but was sound activated.

So one day that I was able to leave work a bit early, I went back to the city, grab my camera and walked to the Aotea square. The place was empty, not a soul walked by, the exhibition was on the 2nd floor, and as expected I ended up on the 5th one, the 3.4, 1.8 until I finally reached the 2nd floor.

I put down my purse, searched for the kinetic sensor, stood in front of it and waved… nothing… just a  white flickering line, so I jumped… nothing, stood a few steps away… nothing. I started jumping and running from one side to the other of the room… nothing.  “Easy now… just breathe”

I thought “Ok.. maybe this is the voice activated one” so I shouted, sang, whistle, did cartwheels while clapping and shouting… nothing. I would have continued all day if it weren’t for the security guard that came after a few minutes and said “Miss, I’m gonna need to ask you to leave”

I don’t know if the screen was broken, shut down or if I was doing something wrong, but I f I had a rating system, I would rate this exhibition an EPIC FAIL. Please let me know know if you went and in worked or if you were on the same boat as me. Jules.-


Written by julesinabox