Britomart (part 1) The Pavillions + VIP shopping spree day

Hello Everyone,

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, this is part one, I really think the WHOLE of Britomart couldn’t fit into one single post, so I divided it into a few of them, and this one specifically will be about the Pavillions and the VIP shopping spree that was held on the 21 of November. After almost two month now living next to Britomart Station (Auckland), it would be only fair to write about the Britomart Pavillion, since it is where I spend most of my time I want to go for a stroll. A few Thursdays back I had the chance to attend it’s VIP shopping spree (day) and thought it would be a great day to go take some pictures, since they were all trying to look it best for the event.


Every now and then, if I wake up early and can convince Le boyfriend to come with me, I go out for brunch or do my week groceries at the “Saturday Market” (which deserves and will have it’s own post), personally I believe the great thing about Britomart it’s the variety of shops it has, from fashion, to beauty, restaurants and great….GREAT design shops, I just love sticking my face on the Kikki.K and M.A.C windows and continue to expand my “never-ending Christmas wishlist”,  and if the sun is up, there are big, red, bean bags where you can just lay down and relax.



The pavillion it self is a space, right outside the Britomart Train Station in central Auckland, designed by Cheshire Architects. It features eight fashion and specialty boutiques, each housed in its own ‘pavilion’ structure, that are clustered around Ortolana’s restaurant.  Inside the Pavillions there is a space called Sactuary Garden, which is a courtyard space that contains the Seven carved Pou, sculpture by Waiheke artist Chris Bailey entitled “The standing posts that reach for the heavens” and if you walk across Te Ara Tāhuhu Walking Street, )which is the one that cross the Pavillions) you will find the award-winning twin black-mesh Showcase structures which glows at night, lit by over 1200 linear metres of LED lighting.


As far as the VIP day event, I thought there were a few things that need to be featured…

First, in the middle of the floor, just across the courtyard, they were promoting a new car (painted half black, half white) they separated the floor in the two colours, and created a space with decorations on the same ones. I thought I was really cool, since in each side there was a musician and they played a song each, during all the afternoon. The white side played classical music in a big white piano and the black side played rock music with an electric guitar; the other thing I loved, was the Essie (nail polish) booth, were you could go there and get you nails done, for free!



I really hope there were more events like this at Britomart, because It’s a great way to showcase its shops and it’s a lovely place to go to if you just arrived to the city, specially if you want to find a place a relax a sit around fro a few hours, on that specific day there was a DJ next to the bean bags playing music, and a few girls walking around selling cupcakes for charity.


I hope this post will encourage you to go take a look at the Britomart Space and tell me what was your favourite part. I will upload another post on the Saturday Market, the station and a few shops during the next weeks. (it’s a promise) And if you already went, I would love to know what do you think.


Written by julesinabox