A day in the life of a gamer (Digital Nation NZ)

After being in a 4 year relationship with a keen gamer and lately living with one I can say that I learned a few bits and pieces that could help me survive in a geek-pocalypse, I know what a creep is, that we must hate lag, and the words WoW, LoL and HoN no longer mean the same.

So I decided to be a caring girlfriend and got tickets to Digital Nation NZ, a two day convention at Vector Arena (Auckland) that featured different games and consoles, talks with games developers and designers, demos of new games and game touraments. (e.g LoL finals…. no… not Laugh out loud… League of Legends…told you)


As far of the venue options, we were able to access the venue an hour earlier, which meant there wasn’t as much people around and most game were easier to access, there were console booths where you could test the new XBOX One, Playstation 4 and some PSP’s with some Girlfriend-friendly games that featured a new back touch screen. To be quite honest, I didn’t love the back screen, I though it was kind of difficult to used and simply unnecessary, but at the same time the PSPs were connected to a gigantic metal cord so that may have influence how I grabed it.

In the upper floor you could find some vintage arcade games(for us old people) to play for free and all around the upper part of the venue there was an exhibition of consoles from the 70’s and 80’s till now, it was a walk through memory lane for all those retro gamers to see again the consoles they may have owned when they were kids.



But personally I really enjoyed the panels, it was a great opportunity to be with the speakers face to face, and even though most of them were game developers and programmers, there were a lot of design and animations factors that I found really informative and drawing into that field of study, I even got to meet Kim Dotcom (founder of Megaupload, now Mega and Call of Duty champion) and Mark Sagar, who has won two Oscars for his digital work on movies like Avatar, Spiderman and King Kong.

Left: Carl de Visser (Producer & Game designer

Left: Carl de Visser (Producer & Game designer “Path of Exile”) Upper Right: Michael Read (Crytek producer) Kim Dotcom (megaupload founder) Lower Right: Dr. Mark Sagar (Laboratory for Animate Technologies Director)

Benson Russell panel was one of the most interesting ones for me, he is one of the developer of The Last of us and I actually know the game. I don’t own a console so I didn’t actually played it, but le boyfriend follows a Youtuber called frankieonpcin1080p and when the game came out he created a series of videos with the walkthrough of the game and between the live comments of this youtuber and the fact the storyline of the last of us is so appealing and well made I felt like watching a movie, and starting seeing this series myself. I think that if someone who doesn’t owns a console, hasn’t play the game and doesn’t actually know that much about games is so eager to see it played, talk about it and follow the story its because you created an amazing game. I even brought home a signed poster, so I was pretty pleased.
For the ones who want to see the walkthrough im talking about i will leave the link to the playlist at the end of the post
Benson Russell (Senior game designer - The Last of Us)

Benson Russell (Senior game designer – The Last of Us)

As for game demos, we only got to see one. A small walk-through for WatchDogs, who was described by le boyfriend as “like GTA but cooler” because you are able to access absolutely everything by hacking it. So you can change stoplights, interfere with police communications, access security cameras and you can have a complete database on every single person in the game.


Let me know if you like this kind of posts (I know is not the usual “travel blog post”) or what kind of post you would like to see next. And for those interested on The Last of Us walkthrough I mention earlier you can find the playlist here. Frankie’s Last of Us Walkthrough Series: http://bit.ly/16BgXri

Hope you like it


Written by julesinabox