Blogmas 2016: Christmas Cards

I’m a Graphic Designer, so when it comes to stationary, illustrations and cards, I have a healthy obsession with them all. But you don’t have to be in this industry to appreciate fantastic Christmas Cards.

The last couple of years in New Zealand, a month in advance I would send my family and friends Christmas Cards (usually from Typo or Kikki.K) I don’t care if they say ‘the future is here, everyone uses emails now’ I will always get excited to receive an actual letter/card/postcard.

I went to Butlers yesterday to pick up a few bits and pieces for a secret santa gift and I found these adorable mini cards, which I’m probably going to stick to each present ( now everyone who reads this will know the present came from me and le boyfriend, anyway…)

Anyways, surfing through the internet I’ve also found these other cards that I loved. Tell me, do you usually go for a funny Xmas card, a holiday/cutesy one, a serious one or all three? (or none)

Written by julesinabox